News and Secretary's Reports


Key points from the North Yorkshire Local Optical Committee meeting 


LOC Company Update 


PENYH (Primary Eyecare North Yorkshire and Humber Ltd) sub-contracts to just over 130 practices across North Yorkshire and Humber, North and North East Lincolnshire and Bedfordshire. Over the last year there have been 8951 patients under the following schemes:

East Riding of Yorkshire has MECS and SpaMedica post op contract.

Harrogate and Rural district have MECS. A SpaMedica contract will possibly be coming soon to this area.

Scarborough and Ryedale currently has the cataract scoring scheme.

Bedfordshire have MECS. 

NewMedica post op cataract contract in North and North East Lincolnshire.

No contracts in Hambleton and Richmond so far although previously they seemed keen to have enhanced services in their area.


Possible MECS in York and Scarborough


Vale of York and Scarborough have put the MECS out for tender. PENYH have put in an expression of interest and Lisa Barker is bidding on that tender on behalf of Vale of York and Scarborough practices.

MECS accreditation for clinicians will include the WOPEC distance learning modules and the OSCE exam, 2 safeguarding modules from DOCET (as dealing with children) and a DBS check.

Optometrists who have recently conducted accreditation for MECS in the last few years can transfer this across to the new MECS scheme, however all those in York are due accreditation or reaccreditation from the LES scheme in 2007.

In York ~30 practices have clinicians who now need to be accredited for the MECS scheme.  Lisa Barker will send information out to all practices in the area to get a list of performers who will require this. An OSCE accreditation will be funded by the LOC and hosted in York.




The Chair explained that referrals are either routine and are to be sent via the Choice Office or are non-routine and are to be sent directly to the HES for triaging. Confirmation that the HES have received the referral can be by telephone to the emergency nurse practitioner. Children can be referred via the GP to the HES.


Frequency of NHS eye examinations


PCSE have recently sent back a lot of NHS paperwork for requiring early retest codes based on the College of Optometrists guidelines. These guidelines state that all patients aged 16 and over are only entitled to a sight test every 2years (no >70years category anymore for annual checks- these must be coded). Diabetic patients who are part of diabetic retinopathy monitoring schemes should be placed on a 2year recall. Those who are under hospital care (e.g. patients with glaucoma) should not be seen more frequently than 2years in the absence of any other clinical indications.


Treasurer’s Report


The total funds in the account are healthy. PENYH are beginning to repay some of the set up loan back to the LOC.


CPD day


The next CPD day will be at York National Railway Museum on Tuesday 16thOctober 2018. An attendance fee will apply. The finalised agenda will be published shortly along with an invitation.


Next LOC meeting


The next LOC meeting will take place on Tuesday 23thOctober at 7pm at the Crown Hotel, Boroughbridge.