News and Secretary's Reports


Key points from the North Yorkshire Local Optical Committee meeting& AGM


Election of Officers

Chair- Darryl Taylor, Vice Chair- Rebecca Stoner, Secretary- Sarah Ashworth, Treasurer- Philip Angel


Also two new members joined the committee: Gillian Carr and Jack Carr.


Secretary’s Report


Minor Eye Conditions Services (MECS) has been at the forefront this year. MECS requires Optometrists to complete a two part WOPEC course to provide the service once it has been commissioned in their area.  A WOPEC access code can be requested from the LOC Chair to complete Part 1- distance learning modules. Thereafter, the WOPEC Part 2 OSCE can be completed for full accreditation.


Currently, different CCGs have commissioned various services in their areas. The enhanced services active at the moment are:


York- has the cataract referral refinement scheme. This referral form is emailed via an account or posted and a £12 tariff can be claimed by the contractor. The expired LES is hoping to be replaced by MECS in the future.


Harrogate- has commissioned MECS for 3 years. Harrogate also has a cataract referral scheme but requires a different form to York as it is not a point based requirement system. The referral forms can be found on the LOC website for those who work in these areas.


East Riding of Yorkshire- MECS is to continue to be commissioned here for another year as a rolling contract.


Scarborough and Ryedale-has a 12month contract to provide cataract referral refinement via the scoring method again. This contract is run via the Pharmoutcomes I.T. module with a tariff of £12 that can be claimed by the contractor.


In recent months, individual CCG areas have been brought together as a group by whatis known as The Sustainability and Transformation Project (STP). In this area, the following CCGs of: York, Scarborough, Hull, North Lincs, North East Lincs and East Riding of Yorkshire are now collectively known as a STP footprint.


This will allow joint commissioning of the same services to benefit from economy of scale and therefore reduce costs to CCGs; whilst also reducing boundary issues of enhanced services for Optometrists. The LOC Company will provide a portfolio of community pathways to these CCGs so they can decide together which services to commission.


LOC Company Update

The LOC Company were asked to submit ‘a vision for optometry across the STP footprint for the future’ to the CCGs who can commission jointly services for the STP footprint.


This vision would be to prevent as many people needing to go into hospital via the use of services like: MECS, pre/post cataract, cataract and IOP referral refinement, and stable OHT as these are low risk patients that can be managed in community. Also, community optometrists could ease the load on hospitals by seeing those patients coming out of hospital care such as those with glaucoma who are deemed by the hospital as low risk management/ monitoring.


The Trust will put their vision forward regarding a hub model with employed optometrists. This however would require start-up capital and time to produce.


The CCGs in the STP will then decide which they would like to commission.


Treasurer’s Report

The LOC have supported the LOC Company financially in recent years, but due to its success it has required less funding this year; therefore a net gain is shown in the LOC accounts. As the LOC Company is close to becoming self- sustaining, it is likely that further contributions will not be necessary.


Committee member expenses, attendance and travel expenses were less than last year.


Due to contributions from DOCET, exhibitors and attendance fees the final cost to the LOC for the 2016 CET day was under £5000.


LOCSU Update

Over the last year, a lot of LOCSU’s work has been with Capita. Concerns were shared of newly qualified pre- registration Optometrists who were not able to complete GOS work as there NHS numbers were not processed for up to 6months by Capita in 2016. There have also been issues at a practice level for claiming Capita repayments E.G. additional admin work and for this possible compensation may be agreed like has already been negotiated for GP’s practices.  LOSCU notices are published on a regular basis to keep everyone informed of the updated information/ progress with this.


At a national level, LOCSU is working with STPs to keep eye care high up in their priorities, as well as being part of discussions around commissioning and NICE guidance.


New LOC Constitution

The new constitution from LOCSU allows a dispensing optician to be co-opted onto the LOC committee and the LOC Company is now recognised by the constitution

CPD day

The next CPD day will be at York National Railway Museum on Tuesday 17th October 2017. An attendance fee of £50 will apply. The finalised agenda will be published shortly.

Next LOC meeting

The next LOC meeting will take place on Tuesday 4th July 2017 at 7pm at the Crown Hotel, Boroughbridge.