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Key points from the North Yorkshire Local Optical Committee meeting 


North Yorkshire Local Optical Committee


LOC Company (PENYH) Update 

A post cataract operation enhanced service is looking positive for North and North East Lincs.

CET day

Thank you to the clinicians who attended the CET day on 15/10/19. There was a great turnout which led to interesting peer discussions and lots of CET points being achieved for this cycle.

Primary Care Support England (PCSE) update

There will be a national non-compulsory roll out of an electronic GOS submission system that will go live on 28-10-2019. 

The aim of this is to allow a more secure way of submitting claims and minimise submission errors and rejects. Payments can be tracked more readily and statements saved. Through electronic submission it will reduce postage cost and is more environmentally friendly. 

For those working for multiples, the head office of these companies will have been informed of this. There are videos online ( to help with which mandatory fields need completion of the GOS1 and GOS3 forms for successful submission. 

There will be a re-designed paper form of the GOS3 available from 04/2020.

NHS sight test intervals 

A newsletter from NHS England recently commented on sight test intervals for NHS patients. 

It states that the Memorandum of Understanding of 2002 does not entitle patients aged under 16 or 70 and over to annual sight tests. These patients are able to have a sight test as often as is deemed clinically necessary, this decision is made by the optometrist who signs the GOS1 form only (not the reception staff, practice owner or dispensing optician).

Diabetic patients under a retinal screening program and Glaucoma and ocular hypertensive patients under the care of the HES or a community pathway should be seen 2yearly for eye tests providing that they are not having any problems with their eyes and have no other ocular co-morbidities that that are not being monitored elsewhere.

Of interest also was the advised recall for family history of Glaucoma (FHG) patients. The NHS England newsletter states  ‘ It is recommended to counsel patients that glaucoma is a slowly progressing condition and an earlier GOS sight test is not necessary.  Currently, NICE guidelines state hospital patients’ reassessment intervals of 18-24months for patients with ocular hypertension and 12-18months for patients with suspect glaucoma. It is therefore  unnecessary for a patient with no abnormal ocular findings to have a GOS sight test every year unless there are other clinical reasons for this’.

Patients presenting earlier than the minimum interval specified in the 2002 memorandum of understanding and who need an eye test can be seen under the NHS as long as an appropriate early retest code is recorded on the GOS1 form.

Interestingly, those patients on a 2year recall who want their eyes checking annually for reassurance can have this done privately but not on the NHS. Optometrists can complete and record an ‘ocular health check’ and not refract the patient. This is therefore not deemed a full sight test and so does not interfere with the patient’s GOS eligibility for their 2yearly NHS sight test. The record must state clearly the services provided.

Next LOC meeting

The date of the next LOC meeting will be held on Tuesday 21st January 2020 at the Crown Hotel, Boroughbridge. A 6.30pm buffet for a 7pm start.