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York LOC provisional timetable CET  Day Tuesday 17th October 2017

OCT Case Studies: The detection management and prognosis of macula pathology
Nicola Wood (confirmed 12/5/17)
This workshop will explore the use of OCT for the detection, diagnosis & management of macular abnormalities. There will be practical tips for capturing images and recognising the normal structure of the retina and its appearance on OCT. Case studies will include: Dry and wet AMD, VM traction, CMO, CSR & vein occlusions. We will discuss the differential diagnosis &management of these findings and give an insight into the possible treatment options and the likely prognosis of these treatments.

Testing Kids - The Easy Way! They’re not just very small adults
Steph Campbell (confirmed 16/5/17)
Inherently, something that strikes fear in the heart of every optometrist is the incomplete children’s record. What to do next? This discussion workshop explores the steps that every practitioner can take to ensure we get the best responses from each and every child, first time – and exploring when and why this simply won’t be possible. Primarily, this workshop revolves around the idea that children aren’t simply small adults, and really do have individual needs during their visual development. In particular, this workshop will focus on, Communication and language, Visual acuity measurements, Binocular vision, Ocular health examination

See more with your slit lamp

Shamina (confirmed) & Wasim

This back-to-basics session will review the use of a slit lamp to view the anterior eye and fundus.

Illumination techniques and tips for improving the slit lamp image view will be discussed and demonstrated

live on stage. We will discuss image capture and demonstrate a new slit lamp attachment for fundus

imaging. The session will take the format of a lecture with live demonstrations. We will demonstrate various

slit lamp techniques on a normal patient.

The future of myopia control in clinical practice

Nick Dash (confirmed)

This session will introduce the problems associated with myopia, the potential mechanisms behind myopia

development, and the management strategies currently available. The relative efficacy of each myopia

control method will be discussed, and their advantages/disadvantages considered. The session will

culminate in recommendations for current best practice and speculation on future myopia management.

Assessing Binocular Vision
Claire Studley Scott (Confirmed 16/5/17)
Binocular Vision – what is it and why do we need to know about it?
• Simple assessments in adults and in children.
• What tests and why?
• What do the results tell us? How should we manage these patients?
This session will help ECP’s to refresh their knowledge of the basics when it comes to assessment and management of BV problems. It will be presented by an Optometrist who is experienced in the management of BV - especially in children.
This is can be presented as a lecture or as a discussion workshop where delegates will work in groups of no more than 10.

Swollen Optic Discs, a survival guide Greg Heath (confirmed 15/5/17)

The optic nerve serves as the anterior part of the visual system. It starts as the lamina cribrosa from the

nerve fibre layer. It runs through the orbit to join the contralateral optic nerve at the optic chiasm. Various

conditions can cause optic nerve swelling and

affect the visual functions. The challenges facing optometrists and ophthalmologists are:

Identifying the optic nerve swelling from pseudo swelling with the help of OCT

Assessing the visual functions

Having some knowledge of the different pathologies that cause this swelling

Identifying urgent and emergency cases and fast track them












Nick Dash - The future of myopia control in clinical practice






Claire Studley Scott - Assessing Binocular Vision



Shamina/Wasim - See more with your Slit Lamp






Nicola Wood - OCT Case Studies: the detection management and prognosis of macula pathology



Stephanie Campbell - Testing Kids the Easy Way! They are not just small adults.






Greg Heath - Swollen Optic Discs, a survival guide








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