CET & Peer Review

A note for your diary:

We are holding our annual CET day at the Railway Museum York on Tuesday 17th October 2017

Details will follow when the speaker schedule is arranged. The fee will be the same as last year at £50.00


 C-55817 Peer Review May 23rd 2017 in York. The meeting will be held in the evening.

Competencies covered - Optometrist

Ocular Examination
Ocular Disease

Learning Objectives
3.1.2 Learning objective - How gonioscopy works and tips on successful viewing of the angle.
learn about different types of gonio lens and their use with the slit lamp. When to use indentation and different clinical reasons of indenting. How to use logical sequence in which to get an accurate angle assessment. Learn about different types of angle grading. Gonioscopy.org will be used as a learning tool to show examples of the cases discussed.

6.1.13 This case describes a female patient with MS. Learn about different imaging techniques that may show ONH change in this systemic disease as in this case repeated HRT images showed progressive ONH change. The case shows the importance of considering GH when managing ocular conditions.
Look at what evidence is available to help with the management of patients where the ocular disease process is complicated by systemic disease. I will upload the relevant links in the upload / evidence section.

Number of CET points


Please contact Elizabeth Langton for further details and proposed venue



The DOH form for claiming the CET Allowance is in the download area. Claims must be made between 1st July 2016 and 31st October 2016. I have been informed that these forms should be sent to PCSE Darlington, address on the contacts page.

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