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The Cataract Journey
Everything you need to know about Cataract Surgery


Join us on a voyage into Cataract Surgery. By popular demand we have put together a 6-part series that will take you on an in-depth journey starting with the initial diagnosis and pathophysiology of cataracts, understanding IOL calculations and risks of the surgery to a discovery into the unfolding future of Cataract service delivery and surgery.

The entire series will cover a range of competencies that will assist practitioners with the knowledge and tools to inform patients with an overview of their own cataract treatment process. The interactive sessions are supported by a multiple choice VRICS test, offering an additional learning instrument and an extra CET point!

We hope that you can join us and would kindly forward this on to those in your LOC Committee and colleagues who may be interested.
Webinar 1 - The Clouds are Rolling In
Foundations of Cataract Diagnosis
Webinar 2 - Going The Distance
IOL Calculations
Webinar 3 - Through the Jungle
Understanding Cataract Pathways
Webinar 4 - Risky Business
Risks of Cataract Surgery
Webinar 5 - It's Results Day
Results of Cataract and RLE Surgery in 2020
Webinar 6 - To 2021 & Beyond!
Evolutionary Forecasting



Mr Shafiq Rehman


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Start Date: Thursday 28th May 2020

Time: 5.45pm onwards

Platform: GoToWebinar